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PostSubject: Rules!   Tue Feb 26, 2008 9:12 pm

Hello all HS members,

Major, Idiot and myself have been talking about some matters and how we want to change some things in this clan. One of those things was to make a list of rules we'd like you all to have a look at.

Rules involving HS members:

1. We insist that you tell us ("us" referring to Major, idiot and myself) your honest opinion about the clan, the members and the current events. If you have any questions or complaints, contact Major (hsmajor), Idiot (geoxiq) or myself (happystick89) for assistance on this matter.
2. Trashtalking isn't allowed in any way, this includes: racism, religion, personal matters, and so on.
3. Smurfing on the private servers isn't allowed anymore, unless given a specific reason to do so.
4. Wearing your clan-tag in-game is a mandatory from now on, unless smurfing on a public server.
5. Once agreed on playing a match, you will be expected to show, unless you have a very good reason for your absense.
6. If you have questions about a specific game, contact the squad-leader for that specific game:
F.E.A.R: Major, Idiot or myself
Call Of Duty 4: RaZoR
7. Disrespect towards any of the leaders ("leaders" referring to Major, idiot and myself) resolves in a kick.
8. Respect your fellow members at all times, if you have complaints, refer to rule number 1.
9. We're a community and therefor a forgiving clan, but don't cross the line! If anyone is caught hacking while he is a member of this community, this will result in an instant kick from our community and servers!
10. Not following any of the rules above may result in a kick, however this matter will first be discussed with one of the leaders.

Thank you for your time I love you



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PostSubject: Re: Rules!   Tue Feb 26, 2008 9:23 pm

OH PLZ smurfin' is fun :d:d
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PostSubject: Re: Rules!   Tue Feb 26, 2008 9:28 pm

RaZoR_ wrote:
OH PLZ smurfin' is fun :d:d

u can do it.... but only in publics !
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PostSubject: Re: Rules!   

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